Pro Tips On How To Become a Winner At Every Game of Teen Patti

How To Become a WinnerIt’s well known that you will need to have a lot of luck to win at Teen Patti. And this is a pretty obvious thing in case you played Teen Patti before. All those that offer the so-called “Teen Patti safe tips” are basically people that sell nonsense.

Even so, just like in a typical poker game, it takes a certain amount of skills to handle the Teen Patti game, and even though you will have to rely on luck most of the time, knowing how to handle and master the game can make the difference between losing or winning.

1. Know Your Facts About Winning

Not every hand you play at Teen Patti has to be a winning hand. Such a thing will never happen. Remember, it’s mainly about luck! However, winning at Teen Patti means that you must know how to minimize the impact of your losses and maximize the value of the pot each time a good hand will fall into your hands. This is how you will end up being a long-term Teen Patti professional winner with big cash prizes in your pockets.

2. Play Clever to Mislead Your Opponents

How To Become a WinnerIf you have a great hand and you know that your chances are high, never start that hand by placing a big bet on it. Always let the others bet big before you increase the pot even more. If you start by betting high, the other players might get scared by your hand and fold. Them folding will only lead you to a good hand that didn’t produce the right result! A failure.

You can bluff and call a few hands, the other players will remain in the pot even though their hands are weaker than yours. In the end, your bluff might possibly lead you to a win.

3. Build Your Own Style And Use It In Your Advantage

When you play Teen Patti with inexperienced players or for low stakes, such advice might not be that useful and in many cases futile. However, when playing at high stakes or with players that have more experience, it’s always a great idea to build your own style and use it in your favor.

For instance, you can create a pattern for your play system, and repeat it until the other players see and notice it. Once you are sure that the bigger players have noticed your playing style (pattern), you can play big bluffs. You will still need luck on your side, but your chances of winning big hands with simple bluffs will increase. Playing your pattern even when you have a weak hand will send your opponents the exact opposite message, that way your bluff might work!

4. Pay Attention To The Number Of Bluffs You Make

Even though playing by a pattern and bluffing by using that pattern to your advantage might grant you a few extra winning hands, in most cases bluffing can ruin you and make you leave the table with zero Dollars in your pockets. Bluffing is a frequent method of trying to win at Teen Patti is never going to work, and such type of action is only required once in a while when your opponents are not on high alert! Otherwise, you will lose. For that reason, it’s always a better idea to fold rather than bluff with weak cards in your hands.

5. Learn Your Opponents' Patterns Of Playing Their Hands

Just like you create your own playing pattern, your opponents might develop the same thing. That’s why getting to know how your opponents tend to play their hands is valuable information. In Teen Patti, the same as in Poker, knowing such information can really make a big difference in your favor.

If a player tends to raise every time his hand is a good one, you will find it very easy to play against that opponent. You will always know with accuracy whether he is weak or strong.

Also, pay attention to the types of cards the players call. If you know opponents that call down any hand that contains a pair of 8s or bigger, you can easily calculate your chances of winning based on what you know about that opponent and the card that has been played.

For example, of your hand is a pair of Kings, that means you will beat any pair that’s lower than those Kings (Jacks, Queens, 10s, 9s, 8s) but you will lose to any other combination. Taking into account the size of the pot at that moment, and the opponent pattern of playing, you can easily calculate your way to either winning the hand or folding. Either way, you will succeed by winning the pot or stepping out safely by folding.

In case you have a bad memory, do not be shy about taking notes about each of the players and their style of playing their hands. Such information is valuable and you can gather it with each of your games of Teen Patti.

6. Stay Focused To The Game

How To Become a WinnerIf you combine tip number five with this tip, you will end up with a highly valuable piece of advice that can be used in any game of Teen Patti you play. Always stay focused on the game, even after you fold. Folding doesn’t mean the game is over. It’s only one hand! Stay focused on what the other players do even though you are folded. As a matter a fact, you can find out priceless information regarding your opponents when you watch them from the exterior of the game, in your case, when you fold! Follow all bets and all hands that are shown, you might benefit from them!

7. Change Your Playing Patterns

Even though at the beginning of this article, we said that building a playing pattern and using it for your own benefit might grant you successful winning hands, it’s even more clever to switch up your playing style and use multiple playing patterns. It’s even better than using only one pattern. Not only will you be able to experience multiple styles of winning the hands, but you will also confuse your opponents, especially those who are really good at playing Teen Patti.

Raise the bad hands as well as the good hands, and play passively with both good and bad hands. Don’t hesitate to fold even though. When you use several patterns, for your opponents it might look very confusing, thus more winning hands in your favor.

8. Learn To Adapt

How To Become a WinnerWhen you play Teen Patti online, in cases when the stakes are low, players will bluff a lot and not focus on anything. They will not care about following your playing patterns or following your hands. They will mainly focus on their hands.

When you play Teen Patti and the stakes are medium, things are a bit mixed, with players (usually beginners) bluffing a lot but also some that follow and read others. In your case, it’s best to choose the second option and read your opponents, it’s a very important strategy for you to make the right moves.

At high stakes, we are talking about professionals. Things are completely different at this level, your opponents will note everything that you play and try to use it against you. And our advice is for you to do the same thing. Just like we said earlier, players playing Teen Patti at high stakes will use multiple patterns, making it very difficult for you to keep track of all moves. At this level, it’s mainly about luck and the mind.

9. Find The Weaker Players And Stay Close To Them

Winning at Teen Patti is not about playing with better and more skilled players trying to take their money. It’s about finding players less experienced and trying to win hands by playing with them. The profits come from them not from the players that are better than you.

A great method would be to find such players and keep close to them. Play as long as they play and try to raise or call each of their hands, whenever they call or raise. You can also note their user names for future encounters. A list with such players means a lot in terms of increasing your chances of winning at Teen Patti.

10. Keep your Emotions Under Control

How To Become a WinnerTeen Patti is mainly about luck – always keep that in mind. With that in mind be aware that you can lose even when you are playing strong and using all the advantages in your favor. That can be very irritating, even for the most experienced of players. But even so, your emotions must be kept under control if you intend to win at Teen Patti.

If you let emotions control your game, you will most certainly lose. Irrational and bad decisions will lead you to failure, and by getting even angrier you will only end up broke. The calmer you play, the wiser your decisions will be.

11. Watch the Body Language

Even though this piece of advice cannot be used when playing Teen Patti online, you can still use it when playing Teen Patti with friends or family. Follow your opponents’ moves, gestures, and even sounds. That can help you determine whether they have a good hand or a bad hand, whether they are nervous or excited, or if they will call, raise or fold.

* Excitement when seeing their cards
Some players really can’t help controlling their emotions when they get a good hand. They simply cannot help themselves but shine with excitement.

* Nervous playing with shaky hands
Whenever you see a player playing nervous and with a shaky hand, chances are that his cards are excellent. Such type of emotions can be seen in inexperienced players.

* Staring at their cards repeatedly
When a player looks at his cards several times during the game, or if he stares at the cards for longer periods, those are signs that his hand is not that good and that he thinks about bluffing. Pay attention to such behavior.

* Staring at you after a bet
If a player stares at you after placing a bet or after raising the pot, that can mean he’s bluffing. In most studies, such behavior leads to the fact that players staring at their opponent during a bet are bluffing.

* Leaning on their back after a bet
While a player starring at you, trying to intimidate you and make you think that he has a good hand, means that he’s probably bluffing, a player leaning on his back after making a bet or raising the pot can mean that he has a good hand. When a player seems relaxed after a bet, he’s probably relying on his cards.

Even though all of the above tips are based on studies and psychological experiments on players, always be aware of the smart players that can fake it very well. Misleading your opponent is key to winning at Teen Potti. Even though luck is the main factor for this game, controlling the game can really incline the balance to your benefit.

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