Teen Patti Variations To Improve Your Game

No other list of Teen Patti variations compares with ours when it comes to success. We like to cut to the chase and spare you useless crap.

We are sure that you will appreciate our list of Teen Patti variations and also the extra GamblingBaba specials.

Complete Teen Patti Variations by Categories

Below you will see a complete list of playable Teen Patti variations. Each of these variations is ranked by us based on the level of innovation and entertainment that they offer.

If you are pleased with the normal variations, our one-star and two-star ratings refer to a slightly different than the normal Teen Patty game version. And if you crave something truly unique and exciting, our four-star and five-star variations will offer you just that.

Variations with Jokers

Improve Your Game

The following list contains the best variations that involve Jokers. We have arranged them from the most exclusive and innovative on top to the most basic ones at the end of the list.

When it comes to Teen Patti, the jokers represent the cards that can replace any other card. For example, if you play a Teen Patti game where all the Jokers are the Kings, and you have a hand of 2, 3, K, that King can act as any other card, and it can be a 4 so that you can make a sequence of 2,3,4.

Auction – Rating 5 stars

It’s the variation where two piles of cards are placed in the middle of the table once all players receive their three cards. Each pile contains three cards, and each of the first cards on each pile is a Joker than can be visible to anyone.

Players can look at their cards or not, but only before the game starts. Once the game starts, players can place their bid for each pile, only when their turn comes. As you see, each pile is valuable as it contains at least one Joker.

Even so, if you decided to look at your cards, and they are strong, maybe bidding on the piles is not worth it. In such a case, you can skip this part.

The player who wins and buys a pile can replace his original pile with the one he just bought. After that he can decide is he plays blind or seen.

In case a pile remains free (nobody buys it), that visible Joker can be used by all players. For example, if the Joker is a 4, then all 4 cards will become Jokers.

The money used to buy a pile goes directly into the pot.

Joker Hunt – Rating 4 stars

This variation consists of the dealer placing an additional number of cards, face-up, in the middle of the table, after dealing the three cards to all players. That number is double the number of players at the table. For example, when five players are at the table for a Teen Patti game, there will be teen additional cards plus the three cards already into the flop, in a total of 13 cards. (5 x 2+3)

Each player will be able to switch one of the cards from his hand with another from the middle. This move is not mandatory. If a player already has a good hand, he can skip this step but must turn the card that he was supposed to lift from the middle upside down.

There will be a total of two rounds in which the players will be able to pick or discard the cards from the middle. After these rounds, there will be only three cards remaining on the table. These will be normal cards, not jokers.

Buying Jokers Seen And Unseen – Rating 3 stars

In this variation, each player receives the usual three cards. They can look at the cards or not, it’s their call. After that, each player must wait his turn in order to decide whether he will change one of his cards into a Joker or not. Such a move comes with a cost, and that cost must be determined prior to the game starting.

The money will go into the pot, and the card which the player chooses to turn into a Joker goes face up.

Once the players take their turn and make a decision, a second-round is available. In this round, players are allowed to buy Jokers from their opponents. The money goes directly to the seller, not into the pot.

If a player buys a joker from his opponent, that joker will still remain valid for the opponent as well. Once the second round comes to an end, the game will resume as usual, with all the additional Jokers into play, fully valid no matter their number.

If a player holds a 2 as a Joker but also buys a 4 as a Joker, means that any card that the player holds, which is a 2 or a 4, will be a joker.

In-Out – Rating 3 stars

In this variation, every player receives three cards and after that, three cards are placed, face-up, in the middle of the table. The cards in the middle of the table are considered as Jokers and they are available for all players.

The In-Out variation comes with only one round of betting. After that round, the remaining players will have to play until the end. They can choose to play either blind or seen.

During the cam, each player waits for his turn, just like in Poker, with the only difference that if a player folds and he’s out, his cards will replace the three cards in the middle and they will become the Jokers.

If more than one player is in and decides to act, there will be a showdown. In the end, the one winning the showdown will win the whole pot and in addition, will also receive the same amount that the pot consisted from each of the losing players.

For example, if Player A wins the hand and players B and C lose, player A will receive the pot (let’s say $800), and another $1600 from the other losing players, B, and C.

Temperature – Rating 3 stars

A twist, in the end, is the only difference between the variation Temperature and the variation In-Out. Once the players make their decisions, the deal will draw one random card for them. If the card is an A or cards between 2- 6, the players’ hands will turn. That means the weaker hands will become the strongest and vice versa.

Kiss-Miss-Bliss – Rating 3 stars

In this variation, each player receives five cards and can combine two of them to create a Joker. And there are three ways you can combine cards to create a Joker

* Kiss – This requires the pairing of two cards with the same value, an 8 with an 8, a K with a K, and so on.

* Bliss – This requires the pairing of two subsequent cards, 2 with 3, or 5 with 6, or J with Q, and so on.

* Kiss – This requires the pairing of two cards where one is missing a sequence. For instance a 2 with a 4, or a J with a K, and so on.

Whether players manage to form a Joker or not, the hand will only consist of three cards. Each player decides which out of the five cards will keep as a hand. Usually, those are the best three cards in hand.

This Teen Patti variation can be played normally, with all players playing seen, or with blind as an option for some of them or all of them.

Kissing Missing – Rating 3 stars

This variation is almost the same as Kiss-Miss-Bliss. The only difference is that the players receive only cards and not five. Also, creating a Joker out of two cards is not available in all three forms, but only in two ( Kiss and Miss).

Folding Joker – Rating 3 stars

In this variation, all players receive their usual three cards and an extra one, the fourth, which they must keep aside. All cards will cam face down.

From the three cards that each of the players receives, one must be turned up and displayed for the rest of the players. Those will be the Jokers.

For example, if one player turns a 5, and a second player turns a 9, and a third player turns a 7, all three cards will be considered Jokers.

When a player will be out or fold, his fourth card will be displayed for everyone else remaining, and that card will also transform into a Joker.

Rotating Jokers – Rating 3 stars

Every player receives the usual three cards. Two with their faces down, and one with their face-up. The one that can be seen by everyone else will also be a Joker.

During the play, every player can benefit from his own Joker. However, when a player is out or folds, his card/Joker will become everyone’s Joker.

King Little – Rating 2 stars

This variation is a normal Teen Patti variation with the only difference from the normal game that all Ks will be Jokers. Also, the card with the lowest value in a player’s hand will be considered Joker as well.

For example, if a player receives a K and 8 and a 2, that player will benefit from two Jokers in his hand. Thus the player can win the hand by transforming his Jokers into 8s and completing the hand with a triple 8 pair.

Lallan Kallan – Rating 2 stars

Each player receives three cards, as usual. From those three cards, the one that has a different color will become a Joker. In case a player receives a hand where all three cards are of the same color, he will have to fold in this variation.

However, this variation can be played with or without this mandatory step. Players can decide whether a player must fold or continue the game with no Joker in their hands. But it must be decided in the beginning of the game.

Pack Jack – Rating 2 stars

In this variation of Teen Patti, the dealer places three cards on the table, all face-up, which will be Jokers for all players. Each time a player will fold or will be out, his three cards will replace the existing ones on the table, and those will become the new Jokers.

Pair Are Jokers – Rating 2 stars

With this variation, each of the sitting players receives 7 cards instead of 3. If in those 7 cards a player finds pairs, those pairs will be used as Jokers. When it comes to a showdown, only 3 cards can be used as the main hand. For example, if a player has a pair of 4 and transforms them into Jokers, he can use those two Jokers and combine them with a third card to create a strong combination.

Regarding the players with no pairs, thus no Jokers, in their hand, they must fold. Even so, players can decide whether this rule applies or not during their game.

1942 Love Story – Rating 1 star

This variation refers to all 9s, 4s, 2s, and A as being Jokers. And another rule for this variation is that players must only speak Hindi at the table. If one player uses English, he must fold.

AK-47 – Rating 1 star

Similar to the previous Teen Patti variation, AK-47 refers to all As, Ks, 4s, and 7s, as being Jokers.

One-Eyed Jack – Rating 1 star

In this variation the Js of spades and the Js of hearts are Jokers. The Js of diamonds and the Js of clubs are not!

Plus Sign – Rating 1 star

In this variation, the dealer will place 6 cards on the table in the form of a plus sign. They will be placed face up and considered Jokers by all players.

The dealer will activate each part of the sign plus and the players will be able to play using the cards in that area. When the showdown stars, players can make use of the Jokers inside the sign plus.

Wild Draw – Rating 1 star

It’s a standard Teen Patti variation which consists of one card being pulled face up and placed in the middle of the table. That card will be the Joker for all players.

For example, when a 4 is turned to face up, it will become the Joker for all players.

Teen Patti Variations With Different Hand Rankings

Improve Your GameBelow you will see the Teen Patti variations that change the game through modification of the hand rankings. Closest to 555 – Rating 4 stars With this variation it’s not about making pairs of combining Jokers, it’s about getting as close as possible to the 555 number. In this variation the Js, Qs, Ks, and As are rated with a value of 0, and the rest of the cards, 2-9, are rated with their own number. For example, if you have a K a 5, and an 8, you can arrange the cards so that they give 580, as closest as possible to 555. In the first and second rounds of betting, all players can switch a card to receive another one. When a player does not want to change one of his cards it usually means he has a very strong hand. Or maybe he’s bluffing! 999 – Rating 3 stars This variation is very similar to the previous one, only a bit easier. You have to make the same arrangement of cards but now the number is 999, not 555. Cards from 2 – 9 are rated as they are, and cards from 10 to A are rated 0. Mufliss/Lowball – Rating 1 star This variation is basically a classic Teen Patti game but with the rankings reversed. A set is the weakest card and a big card is the strongest. The lowest hand always wins. For example, a pair of 5 wins against a pair of Js. In this Teen Patti variation, the best possible hand is 5 3 2. Odd Sequence – Rating 1 star In this variation, players must make sequences not with consecutive cards but with alternating cards. For example, a hand of 2 4 6 is better than a hand of 2 3 4. Now you understand the name of this variation.

Teen Patty Variations With Other Gameplay Changes

In this section, you will find the rest of the Teen Patti variations that we couldn’t arrange in a certain category. The way they are being played makes them so unique.

3-2-1 – Rating 5 stars

In this variation, all players receive 6 cards, and they must play them seen in three rounds, each sharing the same pot. Players have to create three different hands:

  • * One hand with three cards (all hand rankings included)
  • * One hand with two cards (win by pair or with a high card)
  • * One hand with one card (win by high card only)

The cam starts with a hand of three cards, leaving the other cards aside. The player that wins this hand does not win the pot.

He will have to play the second rounds which are to be played with two cards. After this round gets a winner, a third-round will initiate and it will be played with only one card.

Players who win at least two out of three rounds will also win the pot. If the pot remains free and no one wins the game, another 6 cards will be dealt and a new game will begin.

When a player wins the first and the second round, the third round will be canceled and that player will be designated the winner of the pot.

Community – Rating 4 stars

This Teen Patti variation has two game modes. Either with two cards that are being faced down to each player with the remaining third card face up or with two cards face down and three cards faced up.

* With three cards: The two cards that are being dealt face up are considered community cards and every player can use them. In order to form a hand, players must use their face-down cards in combination with two of the displayed face-up cards.

* With five cards: The same applies in this mode, the cards placed face-up are community cards. But players cannot use other players’ cards. Player A can only use the three cards that are designated for him. To make a good hand players must combine only one of their face-down cards with the three available face-up cards.

Hi-Low Split – rating 4 stars

This variation is played without the option of a showdown, and it rewards both players with low hands and high hands. The pot will be split into two, one going to the player with the worst hand, and the other one to the player with the best hand.

Players will decide how many rounds the game will have. Rounds can vary from 6 to 10, and after all of them are being played, there will be only one showdown between all remaining players. The two versions of High-Low Split are known as “Declaration” and “Cards Speak”.

In Declaration, players must declare which part of the pot they want to play for. Only players declaring the same part may compete further in the game.

In the Speak version players can declare which part they want and they can compete for both pots.

2 Cards Open – Rating 3 stars

Each player receives the usual number of cards. The difference from a normal Teen Patti is that one card comes face down and the other two face up.

Players have no option of playing seen or blind, but they must keep the face-down card always unseen. In order for a showdown to take place, the dealer must step aside and choose not to play. When the sideshow starts, the dealer will be the one that decides which cards win the hand.

Draw – Rating 3 stars

With the Draw variation players are allowed to discard their three cards in order to receive new ones. However, such actions come with a cost, a cost that is to be decided prior to starting the game.

For example, if you receive an 8 and another 8 and a 5, you can discard that 5 in hope that you will receive a third 8 to make a set. Players can discard one card per round, and only for a maximum of three times during a game.

Discard One – Rating 1 star

This is a simple variation of Teen Patti where players receive four cards instead of three. They can discard the one card that’s rated as the lowest in their hand in order to make a high-value card out of the remaining ones. With this variation, all players must play seen.

Faceoff – Rating 1 star

This variation is to be played with only 20 cards from the deck. All cards between 2 and 9 are to be removed so that players can only play with the 10s, Js, Qs, Ks, and As. It’s way easier to form strong hands with this variation.

Stud – Rating 1 star

This is a classic Teen Patti variation that can be played like the normal game, with the main difference being that one of the three cards will be dealt face-up.

Exclusive Teen Patti Variations From GamblingBaba

Improve Your Game

These are Teen Patti variations you have never heard before. Our team of professionals managed to gather them for your enjoyment. We love them very much and we hope you will also love them!

GamblingBaba’s Buy and Sell – Rating 5 stars

This variation allows players to trade cards. Each player can establish a selling price for one of his cards prior to the game starting. The other players can either buy the card for the determined price or can make partial payments in return for information regarding that card. For 25% partial payment a player can ask whether that card is a red or a black card or whether it is a low card or a high card.

If a player decides to pay 50% of the price, he can ask for information regarding both issues. In the case of such payments, the player that decides to actually buy the card will only have to pay the remaining percentage. For example, if a player already paid 25% to find out information about the card, if he decides to buy it, he will only pay the remaining 75% or it. In addition, he will have to trade one of his cards with the seller. That way the seller will end up with a new card for free.

Players can announce the selling of their cards when their turn comes. The other players will have to take turns in order to say their intentions. This means that if a player pays 25% to find out information about the card, the others will receive that information for free.

All the money that comes from selling these cards will go into the pot, and players are allowed to trade cards as many times as they like.

GamblingBaba’s Cheat and Steal – Rating 5 stars

This variation can be played like normal Teen Patti, with the only difference being that a player can steal another player’s cards for a pre-determined amount of money. All the money will go into the pot.

* A player can steal cards once a round

* If someone decides to steal your cards you are forced to comply

* The player who steals another player’s cards has to discard his hand

* Stolen cards can be played both blind and seen

* The new cards can also be played seen or blind

This variation is mainly about making the right decision and knowing your opponent. When a player has a strong hand, he must hide his emotions so that other players won’t steal it. On the other hand, a weak hand will mean nothing to the player.

GamblingBaba’s Crazy Joker Line – Rating 4 stars

Apart from the three cards that each player receives, another number of cards will be displayed in the middle of the table. The number can be decided by players, but our suggestion is that you decide on a number that’s double the number of players at the table. These cards will be Jokers.

Whenever a showdown is about to start, players can choose a Joker from that line of cards, and they can play with it until he is out or winning. However, players must choose the card from left to right.

The player that requested a show-down or a sideshow gets to be the first in picking the card. When a showdown is determined by the pot reaching its limit, players will take turns in picking their Joker, and the first one will be the player that’s closest to the dealer.

That chosen Joker will only help if the player will have that card in his hands. For example, if a player has J J 8 in his hands, and the Joker is an 8, he can transform that 8 into a J to make a strong set out of his hand. If the Joker is not an 8, it will make no difference for your hand.

All players are allowed to see the Joker card, so you will have to place it face-up. In case a player asks for a sideshow twice, the other players have to comply.

This variation of Teen Patti is best to play when the pot is limited or the number of rounds if also limited. Players can also decide to play this variation of the Joker cards face-down.

GamblingBaba’s Royalty Rage – Rating 4 stars

This variation is played normally, just like classic Teen Patti, with three cards in your hands. However, when it’s his turn, a player can choose any card from the deck to place it face-up on the table.

In case that card is a Jack, a Queen, or a King, the player will have to choose either to pay a fee, directly into the pot or reveal one of his cards to the other players. Our suggestion is to pay that fee.

Players will start a showdown as soon as all cards from the deck are pulled face-up. Even so, sideshows and showdowns can be played the classical way.

Keep notice that whenever a card is pulled face-up, it will be placed over the previous pulled card so that it remains covered for the rest of the game. The players with a good memory will get to benefit from this rule.

For players to make a round last longer, when the table is full, they can choose to play this variation with two decks of cards instead of just one.

GamblingBaba’s Useless Jokers – Rating 3 stars

With this variation, the players can choose two types of cards as their Jokers. These cards can be any two cards.

After all the players receive their three cards, another ten cards will be placed on the table, face-up.

The Jokers can be any type of card, with the only difference that in this variation, the Joker cannot be a card from the ten displayed on the table.

For example, if the Ks and Qs are the Jokers, and you have a hand of K 9 and 8, you can turn that K into a 10 or a 7. However, if one of those cards is already on the table, among those ten, you must form another hand or sit for the next round.

GamblingBaba’s Cards on Table – Rating 3 stars

Players must play this variation with two of their cards face-down and the third one face-up. Whenever a turn is completed (when all players have acted), a number of six cards will be pulled out from the deck and displayed on the table.

The same thing will apply for turn 2 and turn 3, thus resulting in a number of 18 cards displayed on the table. This will help you better estimate what cards the players have in their hands, and it will make it easier (or harder) for you to continue your Teen Patti betting, by playing or by bluffing.

Teen Patti Variations At Live Casinos

Improve Your Game

As many of you know, or maybe not, online Teen Patti for real money can be played in two ways. You can either play against other players, or family or friends, or you can play against a deal via live streaming. The second option is different from the normal Teen Patti game.

The option of playing against a dealer is considered a luck-based game. And within this category, we only have three variations which we can play Teen Patti with.

Teen Patti Three Card Rating 3 stars

With this variation, both you and the dealer receive three cards. Yours will be face-up and the dealer’s cards will be face-down. You decide whether you fold or bet.

Only after you make your decision the dealer will present his hand to you. If your hand is better, you win. The better the hand, the bigger the win will be. This variation also allows plenty of side-betting.

For example, if five out of the total of six cards result in a Royal Flush, you will receive 1000 x the pot prize.

Bet on Teen Patti – Rating 3 stars

In this variation the dealer will place six cards on the table, all face-up, three for player A and three for player B. The cards will be compared to decide the winner.

Your goal is to place your bet on the player that you consider will be the lucky one. Just as in the first variation, there are plenty of side bets to be played. The better the hand the bigger the winning is.

For example, you can win up to 1000 x your bet when a side bet is successful for you.

One Day Teen Patti – rating 3 stars

This variation is similar to the previous one, with a few more twists in it. The basics remain the same, you have to bet on either player A or player B.

The difference is that, once you place your bet, the cards will be dealt first for player A and after that for player B, not all at once like in the previous variation. After that, there will be a second round of betting where the payouts for each side have been changed to reflect the new odds.

This pattern will continue until four more cards will be dealt and four more rounds will pass. After that, the winner will be decided. The coll part about this variation is that you can be against yourself in the same game and even in the same round.

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