Teen Patti – Complete Guide With How To Play And Rules

Whether it’s online or offline, Teen Patti can be played in the same manner, with little difference. However, when playing virtual versions or dealer games, in casino mode, the rules will always vary.

For those with little to no experience in playing Teen Patti, here are the rules and how to play this game. There is also information regarding the differences on the gambling sites, as well as tips on how to start playing this game.

This guide is all that you need to start playing Teen Patti for real money! Good luck!

How Do You Start Playing Online Teen Patti?

Just follow these listed steps:

1. Always Play Teen Patti On Reliable Online Casino Pages

There are a lot of gambling sites on the Internet, but not so many offering access to Live mode Teen Patti. To put it simply, sites where you can play Teen Patti against other live players with a croupier dealing the cards. Everything can be achieved via live streaming.

2. Create Your Very Own Gambling Account

Playing Teen Patti online requires signup, and this is mandatory for all sites. Just visit the main page of the casino you want to play on, access their sign-up section, and create a free account in minutes. It can look something like this:

3.Add money to your account

Once the account is created, you can start adding money to it. Keep in mind that the majority of online casinos offer Teen Patti for cash only. To add money to your account just hit the “add money” button and follow the steps. The cashier section may look like this:

Choose the methods of payment that are suitable for you and proceed with adding funds. Once the money is added you can proceed with finding the Teen Patti game you want to play. In case you can’t manage to find the Teen Patti games section, contact their support team for assistance.

General Rules Of Playing Teen Patti Online

HomeIn order to understand the rules of the Teen Patti game, you must know the basics first. Meaning the goal of the game, the rankings, how it starts, how it develops (betting, showdowns, etc.), and also the terminology of all terms. Let’s dive in a little!

* Hand – the three cards you receive at the beginning

* Hand value – The strength of your hand, either weak or strong

* Dealer – The person dealing the cards to the other players

* Ante/boot – A fixed amount of money each player has to put in the pot prior to the game to start

* Pot – The total amount of money that is to be cashed in by the player winning a round.

* Blind – A player who plays without looking at his cards

* Seen – A player who plays looking at his cards

* Stake – The amount of money that a player chose to bet in the previous round

* Bet – When players put money in the pot to remain in the game and win/lose

* Call – When a player agrees with the bet of another player and puts the same amount in the pot

* Raise – When a player continues to bet even when after all players called him

* Chaal – Seen players use this term for both “raise” and “call” hands.

* Fold – When a player decides to stop betting and steps out of the game, thus losing

* Compromise/ Sideshow – Two seen players agree to compare their hands in private. The one with a weaker hand must fold. A side-show can happen any time during a game.

* Showdown – All players show their cards face-up. The one with the strongest hand wins the round and the pot. A showdown can only happen when two players remain in the round. Apart from when the round is being played with a betting limit.

* Betting limit – When the pot reaches a certain amount of money, all players must comply with a mandatory showdown.

Requirements to Play the Game:

* Deck of cards: Anglo-American

* Number of cards – 52 (without jokers)

* Playing direction – Counter Clockwise

* Number of players – 2 to 10 players

The Goal Of The Game

In Classic Teen Patti, all players compete against one another for money. Each player receives three cards and can use them by either betting against the other players until they fold, or by winning as the strongest hand at the table. The game mainly relies on luck but also contains psychological tricks which you must learn.

When playing for real money, a player must not focus on winning all hands. It’s better to make the right folds than the wrong bets. The player’s goal is to maximize the value of the pot and his chances of winning it.

Hand Rankings And Sequences for Teen Patti


The lowest card in classic Teen Patti is the 2, and the highest card is the A. You can make up to six hand combinations. Here are all of them explained to you:

1. Trial, Set, or Trio (best hand combination in Teen Patti)

Three cards that are the same (no matter the color or trail) form a Trial hand. Such hand is also known as a Set or a Trio.

2. Pure Sequence or Straight Flush or Pakki Round

Three consecutive cards with the same trail form a classic Teen Patti sequence (Straight Flush or Pakki Round). The order of importance for these sequences starts with A-2-3 as the highest sequence and ends with 4-3-2 as the lowest sequence. Be aware that K-A-2 is not considered a valid sequence.

3. Sequence, Run, or Straight

Three consecutive cards with different trails form a sequence. See the listed table to learn about these sequences. A-2-3 with different trails is the highest sequence, while 4-3-2 with different trails is the weakest sequence.

4. Color or Flush

Three cards with the same trail but not consecutive, form a color, while three cards with the same trail but consecutive cards form a flush.

5. Pair

Two cards that are the same, no matter their color or trail, form a pair. When two players show two identical pairs, the winner will be the player with the highest third card in his hands. A pair of A A is ranked as the highest pair, while a pair of 2 2 is the lowest.

6. High card

The high card plays a very important role and determined the winner when no other combination is possible during a round. The highest cards in Teen Patti are the As, while the lowest cards are the 2s.

How a Game Round of Teen Patti Starts

Teen Patti consists of multiple rounds, and in each of these rounds, a different player gets to be the dealer. The dealer distributes the cards to the other players but also plays the game. He will also change every game round in a counterclockwise manner.

Prior to every round, there will be an Ante gathering. Each player will have to put in a certain amount of money into the pot. That will represent the minimum amount of pot winning.

After that, the dealer will give three cards to every sitting player. The cards will be distributed face-down and no player is allowed to look at them.

How to Play the Game (The Betting)

HomeThe winner of a Teen Patti game is the one that has the best cards or the one that remains the last one at the table. When the game starts, the player at the right of the dealer will get to be first in acting. Each player has multiple options:

* Bet to increase the pot (call or raise)

* Fold and leave the round, losing any chance of winning it.

Players who continue the round, by either calling or raising their hand can do that in multiple ways:

* As a “seen” player – when the player looks at his cards

* As a “blind” player – when the player doesn’t look at his cards

Why choose to play blind?

That’s a very good question! Even though the player will not have the chance to look at the cards and see his hand, that player will be able to remain active in the game at a much lower price. Seen players put double the money into the game compared with a blind player. Let us explain.

No matter if you are a seen player or a blind one, the amount of your call or bet is strictly correlated with the previous stake. That represents the amount of money the previous player used to increase the pot.

The first to start the game and bet first will have to keep notice of the ante, which in Teen Patti represents the initial stake.

Let us explain the main differences between seen bets and blind bets.

Players that choose to play blind have the following options:

* Bet equal to the stake (also known as a call)

* Bet twice the stake (also known as a raise)

Players that choose to play as seen also have the following options:

* Bet twice the stake (also known as a call)

* Bet four times the stake (also known as a raise)

Keep in mind that the stake each player uses to compare his bet with depends strictly on the actions of the previous player, whether he plays seen or blind. Nothing will happen when that player plays blind, but if he plays seen, the stake is halved for the currently acting one.

Look at the following example in the below table to better understand the differences

Player A, Player B, and Player C are playing Teen Patti with an Ante of $100

1. Player A is first. He plays blind, therefore he has the option of calling that $100 or raising it to $200. He calls!

Stake $100 (remains the same)

2. Player B is second. He plays as seen. Due to the fact that the last bet is $100, he can either call $200 (seen players have to call twice the bet) or raise $400. He has a good hand so he raises.

Stake $400 (but cut in half because player B plays as seen)

3. Player C is the last one. He plays as seen as well. Due to the fact that the previous player plays as seen, the stake is not $400 but cut into half, $200. That means Player C can either call $400 or raise it to $800. He chooses to call.

Stake $400 (but cut into half because player C plays as seen)

4. Player A’s turn comes again. He plays as blind for the second round. The stake is $200 due to the fact that the last player plays as seen. He can either call or raise to $400, so he calls.

Stake $200 (remains the same)

5. It’s player B’s turn again. This time, since the last player plays as blind, the stake remains complete, not halved. He can either bet $400 or raise $800, or he can fold. Since he is content with his hand, he raises it to $800.

Stake $800 (but the bet is cut into half since Player B plays as seen)

This betting pattern can go like that for a wide number of rounds. But as you may guess, there are other things that can happen. A player can fold any time during the game, A blind player can change his mind and turn into a seen player. Keep in mind that a seen player cannot turn into a blind player, but a blind player can turn into a seen player.

When a seen player acts after another seen player, A side show can be requested. The player who receives the challenge can either accept or refuse. Simply put, a side-show can only be possible when both players agree.

The only exception is when a player gets two requests and he denies them both. That’s when he will have to play a side-show.

* If a compromise (side-show) is accepted, the two players must compare their cards in private. The one with a weaker hand will fold. If the cards are the same, the player who asked for a side-show must fold.

* If a compromise (side-show) is denied, the player who requested it must bet double the previous amount that was bet.

Keep in mind that blind players can never ask for a side-show.

The game continues until one of the following occurs:

* All players except one have folded

In this situation, the player who remains the last standing takes the pot no matter if his hand is a weak one or a strong one. His hand will remain face-down for the other players.

* All players except two have folded, and one of them wants a showdown.

In this situation, the player asked will have the option to either accept or fold. If he accepts (call) she will have to place double the stake in case he’s a blind player, and four times the stake if he’s a seen player. The cards will then be compared and the player with the highest rank will win the pot. If there is a tie, the player who accepted the request will win.

A showdown can only happen when the last two remaining players agree upon such action. The betting will continue as normal until one of the players will request a showdown. A blind player can never ask for a showdown.

Teen Patti, Limited or Unlimited

There are many Teen Patti variations available. Even though this article is not about such a topic, we still want to point out that Teen Patti can be played either limited or unlimited.

In the case of a limited Teen Patti game, the pot can only grow to a certain amount of money. When it reaches that limit, players will have to play a showdown. That’s the only time a showdown can be played by more than two players.

For example, players can decide on a limit that 200 x the initial ante. In that case, if the ante is $100, the limit will be set at $20,000. When the limit is reached, all players will have to automatically play a showdown.

What's The Difference Between Online Teen Patti And Offline Teen Patti?

It’s not a rule, but sometimes Teen Patti online and offline is different. Traditional Teen Patti can be played the same in both online and offline situations. Jeetwin, for example, is a place where you can play online Teen Patti against other real users – for real money. However, the vast majority of online casinos that offer Teen Patti do not offer such an option. The online casinos are very different.

In their case, players will play against the casino, not against other players. The casino can be either a real dealer that deals with real cards in live streaming mode or a virtual dealer that deals with virtual cards.

When you play with a live dealer, you will play one-on-one and get to share your experience with other players that play the same. In this scenario, you will have to play as a seen player at all times.

In some cases, the hand rankings are different than the traditional Teen Patti. For example, in traditional Teen Patti, the highest sequence is A-2-3. However, A-K-Q is the highest sequence when we refer to online Teen Patti.

Another difference refers to the way bettings are being made. In many online Teen Patti games, the whole purpose is betting on the outcome. You bet on one or two sides to get the best hand. It’s very similar to the Baccarat method.

Also, every software programmer sets his own rules when he designs a Teen Patti game. The following lists refer to the best online providers of Teen Patti games and their versions of the game.

* Ezugi

* Evo Play

* Super Spade Games

* Betconstruct

Ezugi Teen Patti vs. Traditional Teen Patti


Ezugi has three versions of Teen Patti, and all of them can be played with a live dealer.

* Teen Patti 3 cards

* Bet on Teen Patti

* One Day Teen Patti

Teen Patti 3 Card

This could be easily confused with Three Card Poker. It’s almost the same. Apart from the regular Teen Patti rules, in addition, players can wage bets on two sides – “Pair or Better” and “3+3 Bonus”. You can tip the dealer if you like and the access is non-stop.

Players play against the dealer in one-on-one games. Players must rank higher than the dealer to win the game. An ante will be required prior to the game to start. The difference after that is that the player will receive his cards face-up (seen) while the dealer will play with them face-down (blind).

The player will have the option to either bet twice the ante value or fold. A sudden showdown will happen if the player decides to bet. That’s when the dealer reveals his cards and the winner will be set.

The amount you can win in such a Teen Patti game truly depends on the dealer’s hand. If he’s qualified (meaning that he has to end with at least Queen high) the winning will be smaller. The following are the possible outcomes in such a game:

In this version of Teen Patti, a player will also receive a part of the ante in case he manages to get a straight, a straight flush or a set. As long as the player hasn’t folded, no matter if he’s the winner of the hand or not, this amount will be paid to him.

There is also the option to place two side bets, and players will pay differently based on the result of the game. The betting will take place alongside the ante in the main betting area. When the dealer has a pair of something better than that, that’s when the side bets will be paid. The 3+3 bet is paid when both the cards of the dealer combine with the cards of the player to make a set of three cards of the same number.

The version of the Teen Patti 3 card comes with a maximum RTP of 96.63%. That means a player will receive only 96.73% of the total prize. For the Pair or Better Side bet the RTP will be 95.51%. And for the 3+3 bet, the RTP will be 91.44%.

Bet on Teen Patti

This version of Teen Patti betting is considered more of a live Teen Patti guess where player A and player B are pitted against each other. Each player receives three cards, and you as a player will have to be on a side.

Dealer tipping is possible and this version also comes with two forms of bets. Pair Plus (the same as Pair of Better) and 3+3, both having the same RTP value.

This version comes with different gameplay where you don’t have to place an ante. On the other hand, you will have to place your bet either in player A or player B, prior for the game actually starts. A showdown will happen in an instant.

One Day Teen Patti

Similar to the previous version, this is also a guessing game where players must be on two sides. Player A or player B. But even so, there is a small difference in the gameplay, meaning that the players will not receive all three cards immediately. Instead, they will receive one card after each round of betting.

As you may guess, there will be 6 rounds of betting, one for each card dealt. In each round, the payout will change depending on the odds of winning each side will have. Those odds will be determined by the hands.

In this type of game, you can even bet against yourself. For example, you may start with betting on player A, but after you see what the first 2 cards of player B are, you can change your mind. In this Teen Patti game version, there are no side bets.

Evo Play Teen Patti vs. Traditional Teen Patti

Evo Play Teen Patti is a virtual Teen Patti game, there will be no live croupier. Players will have to play against AI dealers. This game’s RTP is 97.5%, meaning that you will be able to win $97.5 out of each $100.

Evo Play is a Teen Patti game version that runs on the classic poker rules. And it’s true, this game is way different from the traditional Teen Patti version. But players can choose to play blind or seen, just like in traditional Teen Patti. Such action, of choosing to play blind or seen can only be decided after an ante has been placed.

If a player plays blind, an amount equal to the one in the ante will be placed into the bet. That’s when players can undo their move or see the cards. After a player sees the cards, he will have to either bet or fold. In the case of a bet, an amount equal to the ante will represent that bet. That’s the moment when the dealer will have to show his hand and start a showdown.

If a player chooses to see the cards right after they are being dealt, he will have to bet or fold. In case of a bet, an amount double the ante will represent that bet, and also a showdown will take place.

What’s the purpose of choosing to play blind? There are higher payouts in case of a win. See the above table for more info:

Super Spade Games Teen Patti vs. Traditional Teen Patti

This type of Teen Patti game is close to Ezugi’s Bet on Teen Patti. Player A will play against player B, and the user will have to pick a side that he thinks has the higher card. “Pair Plus” and “3+3” bets are also available.

Super Spade Games Teen Patti has only 2 differences when compared with Ezugi’s bet on Teen Patti. We are not referring to the game interface, which is totally different, but to the fact that the payout for the Pair Plus side bet is different and that a user can bet on a hand that ends with a tie, a thing which in Ezgui’s version is impossible.

Bet Construct Teen Patti vs. Traditional Teen Patti

This type of Teen Patti game is very similar to the “One Day Teen Patti” version from Ezugi. Users can bet on two sides that play against one another. Player A and player B, just like in the other versions. A round will develop as seen below:

1. Users will place an initial bet on either player A or player B

2. Player A receives a single card

3. Now a new (optional) bet can be placed – either in player A or player B

4. Player B receives a single card

5. Another bet (optional) can be placed – either on player A or player B

This pattern will continue like that until all six cards have been dealt. This game is slower but very exciting, with each card changing the odds. Users can choose to increase or decrease their bets based on these odds.

Unlike the One Day Teen Patti from Ezugi, this version also comes with a side-bet feature. A user can use this feature on different types of hand combinations. Bets can be placed on a flush, straight, pair, three of a kind, and so on. Such a feature can be used at any time during the game, thus increasing the payout which will fluctuate depending on the odds.

A Note On Octro Teen Patti

In case you were wondering we haven’t discussed the notorious Octro Teen Patti until now, it’s because this version of the cam cannot be played for real money. It’s considered more of a multiplayer social game, that comes in the form of a mobile app, playable on Facebook, either with friends or other users. All bets can be placed with free chips.

Even though this type of Teen Patti game functions on the same rules as traditional Teen Patti, the rankings of the hands will be different. A-K-Q is rated as the highest hand on a sequence. This game is recommended to be played by those keen to learn the game and its different variations such as Mufliss, AK47, 999, Joker, Revolving Joker, 4X Boot, Banco, and others. For the rest of the players, this can be just another form of entertaining themselves during their spare time.

Some say that there is a way to make money by playing Octro Teen Patti. We say that those are the only players who exchange their chips for real money. None of the official game developers take part in such types of transactions, apart from the in-app purchases which are 100% legit.

Those choosing to buy or sell chips outside the platform are at risk of getting scammed. Not to mention that such actions are also unethical. Always refer to the online casinos if you want to play for real money. Just search Teen Patti for real money on those pages.


Even though the rules of Teen Patti remain almost the same for all online versions, players may find a lot of differences depending on the type of game they choose to play. Gambling sites often use unique game features that can be played against dealers and not against other players.

But for the real fans of this amazing game, they must definitely try the live dealer versions – especially the versions offered by Ezugi. In case you don’t know where to find them, no worries, we managed to create a list of such Teen Patti online casinos, especially for guys like you. Sign up, deposit your funds and have fun playing the game!

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